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        Named after a woman, Olive Oatman, who was captured and later released by the Mohave Indians, Oatman is still going today. Strike after strike kept Oatman alive, the biggest seems to be the 1915 strike of $14 million. The population of Oatman went from a few hundred to over 3500 within a year which lead to long waits at the restaurants. In 1921, a fire burned much of Oatman, but the town was rebuilt. Mining was somewhat sporadic through the next forty years, and Oatman still survives today.Oatman Arizona elevation jpg
        ARIZONA has the longest stretch of Route 66 still in use today. Cities that line this historic road are as rich in history and tradition as the road
itself. Keep in mind that Route 66 is more than just another road. It's a time line in our nation's history.

        Route 66 runs right through the
Route 66 jpgHistorical town of Oatman, Arizona old gold mining ghost town. Oatman offers Gift shops, Restaurants and Bars with live entertainment. The Oatman Ghost Riders perform old west shootouts daily at 1Baby burro jpg pm and 3 pm right in the middle of Route 66. Times and appearances may vary through the summer months.
        The Wild Burros of Oatman, Arizona are exactly as stated "Wild" and always use caution while dealing with wild animals. Carrots and Pellets are sold in some of the shops here in Oatman for feeding these adept beggars. As a word of caution always lay the food flat in your hand then offer to the burros and this should lessen the possibility of an accidental bite.
         Visitors to Oatman frequently ask "Who owns the Burros?" and
Burro jpg"Where do we put them at night?" No one owns them, they are wild and are part of Arizona's BLM, Bureau of Land Management, and we don't "Put" them anywhere at night. They roam freely in and out of town every day.
Burros were brought in by the old Miners for pack animals and they were let loose free when the mines were shut down. Now not only is there the wild herd that roam our streets daily but our hills are full of wild herds and can often be seen while traveling Historic Route 66 between Oatman and Kingman, Arizona.

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